Paridhi by Ravinder Sahi


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Paridhi by Ravinder Sahi

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This Hindi poetry book “Paridhi” has been conceived as a piece of art and aesthetics. The book has been divided into seven parts, taking inspiration from Saptrishi, the Big Dipper. It uses common words of other languages that makes it simple. The poems are on varied instances and emotions that touch the chord deep..a few of them leave the reader wondering. Hand made paintings enhance the theme besides adding colour to the book.

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Ravinder Sahi


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Mohindra publishing house

42 reviews for Paridhi by Ravinder Sahi

  1. Tarun Singh Chandrayan

    The title of the book signifies correctly about its content. Not a single image
    used in the book has been wasted.
    Am very much impressed just by the manner chapters have been listed.
    The book is aesthetically artistic.

  2. Kartik Sailani

    Its not just poetry, the book is loaded with creative content!
    Enjoyed every single page of it! The layout and themes are beautiful.

  3. Prabhat Singh

    Like the very different themes of the poems in the book the paintings also have contrasting use of visual imagery and colors.
    It is awesome!

  4. Manisha Lalwani

    The poems cover life philosophy in all its aspects. The drawings are as beautiful as the poems.
    It is so good to see hand made drawings in today’s time when everything is made using computers

  5. V K Chadha

    I am delighted to see the book Paridhi authored by my colleague Ms. Ravinder Sahi.
    My hearty Congratulations and Best Wishes for the success of Paridhi.

  6. Deepankar Yadav

    The poems are very engaging and delightful, also the navigation is really unique and appealing. The book is really awesome and a must-read.

  7. Shahbaz Ahmad

    The poems are heart touching.
    Such simple words create such a beautiful world. Each poem is so different and yet beautifully connected within themes and chapters. Loved it!

  8. Sanjay Pushpakar

    You come across very few poetry books that keeps you involved from first till last page. This book has that charm. Once I started reading, I stopped only when I completed. And when I retrospected, I realized that this reading was a journey in itself. Each chapter takes you to a different realm and each drawing makes you look at them, over and over. This book has reserved a permanent place in my collection now. A must read for all the literature enthusiasts. Waiting eagerly for the author’s next book.

  9. Ramraj Meena

    Such a brilliant and creative piece of work that touches every aspect of life.
    Awesome poetry and every line in this book is worth reading repeatedly.
    The hard bound just enchances the feeling. Loved the paper quality. What a joy to turn the pages of the book.

  10. Manisha

    The poems are so sensitive and carries a beautiful depth that takes you to another zone. Read all the 40 poems in one go. The concept of including small couplets alongwith the poems is very unique. Was taken by surprise by all the artwork included in the book. It’s a must read!

  11. Akanksha Bajpai

    The book is a perfect expression of emotions. Readers from all age group would definitely relate with the content.
    Some would feel nostalgic while others would be mesmerized while going through the pages.
    According to me, it encompasses all the phases of life and beautifully describes various relations and connections.
    I would recommend the book as a must-read!

    The book is a perfect expression of emotions. Readers from all age group would definitely relate with the content. Some would feel nostalgic while others would be mesmerized while going through the pages. According to me, it encompasses all the phases of life and beautifully describes various relations and connections. I would recommend the book as a must-read!!

  12. Suman Bajaj

    The Title of the book i.e Paridhi is very significant and compatable with the poems. . Its give soul to universe, wings to mind ,Explore the imagination, and life to everything. Art work use in the book is different and ideas are awesome. Love to turn the pages and read the book

  13. Deepak Mathur (verified owner)

    I had chance to read few poems of Ravinder earlier, the poems were full of intense emotions, with deep meaning – especially ‘Paani ka Rang’, ‘Raat Din’ and ‘Dharti’. Dharti was with great message too.
    Now book ‘Paridhi’ is great collection of beautiful poems, a pleasure to read. I enjoyed each poem, which were also with great insights on life. The book is thoughtfully designed with great artwork. Many congratulations Ravinder!!

  14. arvindk563

    Amazing poems by Amazing poet. With amazing hindi words.

  15. Raswinder Kaur

    The author has beautifully captured the soul of the world and put it into the words. I never have come across such a memorable and beautifully adorned representation of the elements of life. कहते हैं की यादें और शब्द अमर होते हैं, आशा है की ये शब्दों की यादें अमर रहेंगी। wishing for great success of Paridhi!

  16. Kamlesh Verma

    Absolutely marvel piece. Such a beautiful collection of poems, brings out Poetess’ pious heart, innocent thoughts & emotional feelings. Beautifully designed cosmic Index and all the Art-work adds more value to the creation. While all the stars in Saptarshi are great, Satrang is ultimate. People would definitely look forward to her next book. Would love to see a full page pic of Ravinder in her next book in vibrant colours …… the way she is, so far as I know her. Once again, great compliments on her artistic talent as well (besides excellent career on Technical front) which will continue to blossom forever with time.

  17. Babita Pal

    After quite some time I have found a book…that too in the genre of Hindi Poetry… that so beautifully captures every human emotion and tries to portray it vividly through remarkable artwork. Every poem of the book, makes the reader ponder on its brilliance and simplistic glorification of life. I enjoyed every bit of my journey through the pages of परिधि. It indeed is a must read!

  18. Uma Rani

    “परिधि काव्या संग्रह” में संकलित सभी कविताएं अत्यंहत भावनात्मगक रूप से प्रस्तु`त की गई हैं जो मन की गहराईयों को छू जाती हैं । इन्हेंύ पढ़कर मुझें बहुत ही अच्छाा लगा । मेरी तरफ से कवयित्री को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं ।

  19. Mala Gazta

    पहली ही नज़र में परिधि का presentation मुझे बहुत प्रभावित कर गया| The presentation of this book is just amazing. पुस्तक में संकलित कविताएं जीवन के सात रंगों को समेटे हुए हैं| शब्द सरल होते हुए भी गहन भाव से परिपूर्ण हैं| In my opinion, the book would surely touch sentiments of readers across age. मुझे लगता है, कोई भी इंसान पुस्तक में प्रस्तुत कविताओं से किसी ना किसी रूप में जुड़ा हुआ महसूस अवश्य करेगा| In totality, the book is fabulous.

  20. Rashmee & Suresh (verified owner)

    Paridhi by Ravinder Sahi…… ability of writer to distill complex thoughts and ideas into simple clear language that’s quickly and easily understood. You are amazing. You should be so proud of yourself.

  21. Rita Mahajan (verified owner)

    Expression of mature love is presented in these beautiful poems. Idea of seven chapters is brilliant as each chapter is a star by itself. Each poem is written in very simple words with compassionate feelings.
    Paintings by Ritika Sahi are wonderful and theme of paintings flow in corresponding poem e.g. ‘Boond’, ‘Humsafar’, ‘Rat-Din’ etc. I would like to congratulate author for creative work and wish her all the success. Excellent book and delighted to have ‘Paridhi’ in my book-shelf. Amazing creation!!

  22. Alok Gaur

    Paridhi is a very good compilation of the poems penned by Ravinder ji. The Poems are straight from the heart and convey the feelings of the poetess across a wide range of topics. Her choice of simple words to express herself not only enhances the experience of the reader while reading a poem but also adds to the desire to read more. Wish Ravinder ji all the best for Paridhi and also for more Books in future.

  23. Anuradha (verified owner)

    In this beautiful flow of time, we call life, at times we come across events and many kind of things that just makes us sit down for a while and feel this time, this life in and around us. The book took me to that zone, I personally refer to as “paused spaces”. The beauty of the book lies in its simplicity.
    Take a cup of tea, sit down within this circle of life, ‘Paridhi’ and enjoy the mesmerizing collection of poems.

  24. Anand prakash

    This book is delight to see,to touch,to feel and ofcourse to read
    From basic elements like air,fire,earth,rather and water, the nature and human relations / Feelings are woven as string of perals

  25. Ranjna vedhera

    Poems from the heart engaging mind and soul

  26. Seema Dheer

    ‘Paridhi’ has a amazing collection of poems .. written with purity of emotions.. all of them have a very positive outlook towards life .. such simple words yet so meaningful.. Kaaii Parchai and Dhalta Suraj are worth mentioning.. this festival season will gift this book to my dear ones instead of materialistic things

  27. Ranjna vedhera

    Ravinder Sahi’s    poetical offering  Paridhi  is a mystical journey  starting  from the five vital elements of life  encompasses the entire human existence  in all its aspects. It expertly  merges the emotional and the intellectual with a philosophical
    Strain flowing through  all her poems.
    The illustrations  by Ritika  Sahi  empower  the book by by enhancing its beauty and clarity. To sum up ,the book is wonderful journey into the realm  of poetry-a must read.

  28. Anila Katiyal

    Paridhi presented a hindi poetry collection by Ravinder Sahi. It is combination of beautiful poems inspired by human feelings with remarkable artwork. I enjoyed the poems along with beautiful themes. Great packaging!!

  29. Hemashwari Sharma

    When I opened the first page, I felt so connected with the book as It is expressing us as single human soul.
    When you submit yourself to what from you are….Arpan to your mother…janni and your expression….It made me to think that language has made us to express our emotions..which Ravinder has justified here by bringing the emotions of a human soul which connects to yourself and other souls….she has brought all her work together how beautifully panch tatva with emotions.yes very true…these panch tatva are in our emotions too from our anger(fire) to coolness(water).when you bear all we are like mitti(मिट्टी).
    We are sum of all these emotions .She has touched soft part of the life…love and romance very naturally and maturedly…. “इतना भी ना समझो मुझे बिन कहे सब बयां हो जाए”
    Further poetess expresses the real situation and how beautifully she has expressed the emotions… “मेरे हिस्से के तुम मुझे मिल ही जाओगे
    मोहब्बत रास आ गई जब खुद से जिरह छोड़ दी हमने”
    “मोहब्बत का अंजाम किसे चाहिए पाक जज्बा हो बदनाम यह किसे चाहिए”
    “तुमसे मिलू जब भी बस दो बातें हो मेरे पास एक छिपाने के लिए एक बताने के लिए”
    In Kasida she has expressed human love and emotions nicely, I feel that she has covered the feelings of all age and gener.
    How the poetry takes its flow and gets matured from forms of streams to a river…”कसके पकड़ लेते हैं अपने जज्बात को क्यों करें किसी को खफा या किसी का वक्त बर्बाद खुद ही समेत लेते हैं अपने बिखरे हालात को”।
    “जिंदगी को बहने दो खुद से जब भी जाना मुस्कराए हम धीरे-धीरे समझाने लगे हैं जिंदगी के सबक धीरे-धीरे”
    Hoping to have more in future.
    Lanuage is simple with mix of hindi and urdu words. The poems have been presented nicely with colours.
    With all best wishes.

  30. Gulshan Rai

    लेखिका रवीन्द्र साही ने बहुत ही सुन्दर शब्दों मैं ओर तरीक़े से रचनाओं को प्रस्तुत किया हैं। शब्द दिल को छू जीतें हैं। Every aspect of “परिधि “ is commendable. पचं तत्व का concept and explaining in poetic manner is very interesting. Graphic that too matching with रचना. It is enjoyable to read the book.
    लेखिका ने बहुत simple and beautiful has conveyed her feelings that you immediately connect with her. Very interesting reading. Compliment Ms Sahi and hope we will have more such publications to read.
    गुलशन राय

  31. Hari B Srivastava

    So, I finished reading and then returned to read few selected ones.
    I must compliment you for translating emotions direct from heart to words, with some metaphors interspersed in between. And then, you seemlessly changed the language style towards the end bringing in new perspectives to your poems.
    Your publisher has aptly summarised you as ‘not the first timer’ and if I may re-word it ‘a recognised poetess’.
    Congratulations again.

  32. Pamela Chawla

    A beautiful & creative collection of poems featuring all the navrasas.The reader is taken through a journey of different emotions in this collection.The concept of saptarishi, the five elements, the amazing paintings by Ritika, the paper quality & earthy colour scheme all contribute towards reading the book a truly unique & emotional experience.
    Congratulations to my dear friend Ravinder for this marvellous work of art.

  33. Abhishek DUbey

    सरल और हृदयस्पर्शी !!
    जैसा की शीर्षक है ‘परिधि ‘ , पुस्तक प्रेम को केंद्र मानकर दार्शनिक विचारों को रेखांकित करती है और इस तरह अपने नाम को सार्थक साबित करती है | प्राकृतिक तत्वों और मानवीय जीवन के विभिन्न पहलुओं को इस तरह पिरोया गया है जो पाठक को अनायास ही अलौकिक आनंद की अनुभूति करवाता है |
    लेखिका के द्वारा बहुत ही सरल शब्दों का चयन किया गया है और इस तरह यह अपने पाठको को शाब्दिक अर्थ के बजाय भावार्थ को समझने के लिए पूर्ण स्वतंत्रता प्रदान करती है | कविता की प्रस्तुति भी काफी मनोरम है | इसका चित्रण कविता के भाव को समझने में आपकी मदद भी करता है| इस तरह पुस्तक अपनी रचनात्मकता का लोहा मनवाने में कोई कसर नहीं छोड़ती | कुल मिलाकर पुस्तक आपके सभी उम्मीदों पर बिल्कुल खरी उतरती है |

  34. Manjula Bhati

    कवित्री रविंद्र साही ने जीवन के हर पहलू के अनुभव को शब्दों में पिरो दिया है। शायद इसीलिए हर कविता दिल को छू जाती है। बहुत ही सरल शब्दों में बहुत गहन बातें व्यक्त की गई हैं।
    कविता संग्रह का प्रेजेंटेशन लकीर से हट कर, बड़े ही कलात्मक ढंग से व्यक्त किया गया है।
    प्रत्येक आर्ट वर्क संगलित कविताओं के भाव को बड़े सुंदर ढंग से व्यक्त करता है। इसके लिए आर्टिस्ट रितिका साही प्रशंसा की पात्र हैं।
    दीपक सैलानी का डिजाइनिंग में दिया गया योगदान सराहनीय है।
    कवित्री रविंद्र साही को इस सुंदर, सरल और हृदय स्पर्शी प्रस्तुति के लिए बहुत बहुत बधाई।
    Looking forward to read many more publications by you…..

  35. Sunita Sharma (verified owner)

    Paridhi is not a collection of poems but a amalgamation of myriad human emotions. These poems take you along the emotional joyride of the poetess, sometimes up and sometimes down. The poetess seems to have the remarkable gift of weaving her wandering thoughts into words which give immense pleasure to the reader.
    Paintings by Ritika bring added charm to the book. The book is a delight to touch and feel. A perfect piece of art. Overall presentation is such that everyone would love to have it on their bookshelves . Looking forward to see more of her work. All the best Ravinder.

  36. Rama kashyap

    Ravinder ,I am in possession of your poetry compilation. The name itself is so fascinating, ‘Paridhi’ . The look , the lay out of the book with very apt topic -wise distribution , the index in the form of ‘sapt rishi’ and the art work are superb.
    I am savouring your poems.. I able to appreciate more the poems that you recited .. make a deeper connect with me .
    The second collection ‘ swayam’ touched my heart ..

    All the best Ravinder for the success of your collection

  37. Neelu Jain

    Paridhi by Ravinder Sahi has beautiful and heart touching poems written in simple words and captures beautifully various human emotions. Presentation is excellent due to handmade paintings and artwork which makes it aesthetically appealing also All the best

  38. Vipin Gaindhar (verified owner)

    जीवन के अंतरंग पहलुओं और भावनाओं, को लीक से हट कर, एक अलग दृष्टिकोण से स्पर्श करती हुयी, ‘परिधि’, का स्पर्श, ऐसा लगा जैसे मेरे अपने जीवन के अनुभवों को शब्द मिल गए हैं इस ‘परिधि’ के माध्यम से।
    Even if the book did not have any poems, it was still a great value for its beautiful artwork and visual imagery. Commendable work by Ritika Saahi. And a great contribution by Deepak Sailani on design front. The book certainly pushes the boundaries of creativity and aptly named PARIDHI. लकीर से हट कर चलने से ही ‘परिधि’ बनती है।
    सप्तऋषि के माध्यम से पुस्तक की पृष्ठ सूची भी एक बहुत अनूठा और सुंदर प्रयास है।
    चाहे वो ‘बूंद’ से सागर बनाने का सफर हो, या ‘आज बस’ रो लेने दो, का जिक्र हो, रविंदर जी की खूबसूरत शैली और शब्दों का चयन, कविताओं को कुछ हट कर, खूबसूरती से परोसने की शैली ने चार चाँद लगा दिये हैं। यूं कहूँ कि कुछ आम, सरल शब्दों में, कुछ खास, कुछ गहन, परोसा गया है, पाठकों के लिए, तो शायद गलत नहीं होगा।
    ‘रात और दिन’, ‘ये रास्ते’, ‘मिथ्या’, ‘बंदगी’ ,’कभी कभी’ एक से बढ़ कर एक से बढ़ कर एक कविताओं में से मेरी खास पसंदीदा हैं।
    कुछ पन्नों में गुलज़ार साहब की खुशबू भी महसूस हुई, जैसे कि – ‘कुछ नर्म शिकायतें भी हुई उनके गर्म हाथों से, कांपती लकीरों को, फिर खुद से यकीन आ गया’ (उनको देखे से)
    फलसफा, व्यंग्य, हास्य, इश्क़, ये सभी स्वाद आपको ‘परिधि’ के भीतर पढ़ने को मिल जाएँगे, जो निस्संदेह, पाठक के हृदय में एक अमिट छाप छोड़ जाएँगे। हर कविता हृदय की भीतरी सतह को छू कर जाती है। शायद इसी लिए पूर्ण पुस्तक का स्वाद चखने में समय लगा।
    रविंदर साही जी की ‘परिधि’ कविता प्रेमियों के लिए अनिवार्य पुस्तक है। उनके इस प्रथम संकलन के लिए बहुत बहुत बधाई। उनके अगले काव्य संग्रह की उत्सुकता से प्रतीक्षा रहेगी।
    If an Electronics Engineer can so closely observe the complex circuitory of universe and its core elements and pen it in simple words, then thy name is Ravinder Saahi. Many many congratulations on such a beautiful piece of creativity.
    Every single page of PARIDHI is a gem on its own. A must read and highly recommended book for lovers of Hindi/Urdu poetry. Looking forward to savour the taste of PARIDHI again and again before I get my hand on her next collection of poems.

  39. amritsoni1951

    रविंद्र जी, सत श्री अकाल !
    भाव प्रधान रचनायों और सुन्दर चित्रों में सजी आपकी पुस्तक कल रात प्राप्त हुई, आभारी हूं।
    भाषा में जितनी सरलता, सहजता है,रचनायों में उतनी ही गहराई ऐसी कि भावों की गहरी झील के तल तक डुबकी लगाने का मन करता है बार बार।
    तभी तो कवितायों के कई दरवाज़ों पर दस्तक देनी पड़ी बीती रात।
    वाकई तत्व में स्वयं और स्वयं में तत्व के बुझारती तसव्वुर में सजी, अनुपम कसीदाकारी की सतरंगी सौगात है, चमकते-धमकते रंगीन पृष्टों में सजी संवरी आपकी सुन्दर कृति – परिधि।
    पहला सलाम आपकी तत्वदर्शी सोच को विस्तार देती लेखनी को, और
    दूसरा सलाम आपकी बेटी रीतिका की हृदय स्पर्शी तिलस्मी चित्रकारी को जिसने परिधि को नायाब रंगों का लिबास पहना दिया ।
    धन्यवाद बार बार!
    -अमृत ।

  40. Gaurav Gupta

    The poems are soul touching and book has been weaved so very well with poems, sketches and colours that it attracts you to read it. From cover design to unique style of index makes book one of its kind. A must read. The book inspires you to become writer and amazes you with style and content.

    The wow factor of the book is extra ordinary.

    If you haven’t read this book, you will not realise how beautifully books can be written and weaved mesmerizing the readers. I highly recommend book Titled “Paridhi”

  41. Y D Wadaskar (verified owner)

    Congratulation Sahi madam, on your maidan launch of collections of poems   ,’Pareedhi’.  To me it was a revelation, a pleasant surprise  of your hidden passion.  The meticulous and artistic arrangements , paper,  design , layout, pictures in Pareedhi shows you also belong to a high tech genre.

    It took some time for me to understand your expressions due to my limitations , but after repeated readings, i could decipher better on each Occassion.   In my opinion, you have an eye for minutest details around, every poem reflects and manifests your profound spiritual base.  In fact many lines resonates with the Holy book .

    This book is to be read at peace and definitely will be on connoisseur’s  collection list. 

     Wish this book has many reprints editions.

    Looking forward to have next book from your treasures.

    All the best!

  42. adeobhakta (verified owner)

    Paridhi, meaning circumference, is a collection of poems, in Hindi. Writing humorous poems, is quite common. Particularly, during the Corona outbreak-and more so justifiably-humor in poems, in all languages saw definite rise. However, serious poetry, requiring introspection, are not common. Collections of poems in Paridhi, however, belong to the latter category.
    Ravinder Sahi, is a scientist-engineer and still in service, as Senior Director of ETDC, Mohali, Punjab, under Government of India, Meity. It is remarkable she has written this book, in spite of her occupation and nature of work.
    The title, Paridhi, must have been given after lot of introspection. A person’s life is governed by many events, experiences, and so many factors-with and without individual’s efforts. So, somehow, he/she goes through the life journey -which Sahi thinks following a Paridhi. May be this will roll in to bigger circles, in her future collections. Not that the actions that an individual takes are repetitive, on the contrary, poems in Paridhi, requires introspection from time to time.
    The book’s organisation is unique: it clearly reflects innovation. The ‘Saptarishi’ formation of the stars, is shown as a format to correlate with the main sections.
    The sections have been organised, with relevance to author’s perception, her place, in the universe-then relating to her with life, her values, beliefs, love, and finally, as a Bliss! Even the individual section maps the subject ideas, with reference to the ‘Saptarishi’ star formation!
    The author is well versed with Urdu words and has frequently used them beautifully.
    Each poem has a philosophical idea, or a dilemma to pose.

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