Essentials of Quality by Ravinder Sahi


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Essentials of Quality by Ravinder Sahi

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This book ” Essentials of Quality” has been written with an intention to make core quality concepts easy to understand without compromising content. It takes the reader through smooth journey from basic perceptions to principles and definitions, halts to learn the teachings of eminent quality gurus like Deming, Juran, Ishikawa, Taguchi etc. and takes structured route through quality tools, techniques and proven good practices e.g. 5S, Kaizen, Six Sigma, First Time Right, Mistake Proofing etc. towards achieving desired quality results. The book has been neatly organised in chapters that could also be read as standalone, each providing details about specific area of quality. The chapter on quality scenario updates the reader with current programs and entities in this field within India and at global level. Reading is informative and delightful. The book Should be useful for undergraduates as well as working professionals laying a strong foundation enabling them to persue advanced work in the field of quality.

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4 reviews for Essentials of Quality by Ravinder Sahi

  1. Er Kamendra KUMAR, Vice Chairman, TEPC

    Had a quick look on the book. Very well organised, my compliments. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. Customer should come again not the Product.

  2. Akanksha Bajpai, Scientist C, ERTL E (verified owner)

    The book is focused upon building a quick connection with the reader so that one can understand quality and develop interest through out the book with help of simple real life examples.
    it is important for students as well as professionals.
    i absolutely plan to stick with the series because the author will completely drag you in with “quality “and make you feel and implement the “quality “.

  3. Dr PK Khosla

    Quality policy can be seen in every room in most of the organizations. Yet quality is often compromised. The author has rightly identified the need for educating the populace in such an important field. Explaining the fundamentals and concepts, the book builds up the topic gradually. I found writing was lucid and easy to comprehend. A must read, indeed.

  4. Rita Mahajan

    ‘Essentials of Quality’ is written in an organized manner. It explains importance of Quality, its processes, ISO standard and Indian standards. Its implications are also well explained with examples. It is essential for every academic institute as well as industry.
    Excellent contribution to academia of Quality.

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