Financial Reporting | Set of 2 Volumes Parveen Sharma , Kapileshwar Bhalla 2021


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Taxmann’s?Financial Reporting?is prepared exclusively for the Final Level of Chartered Accountancy Examination requirement. It covers the entire revised syllabus as per ICAI. This book serves as a guide for students & professionals, and the objectives of this book are as follows:

  • It helps the reader acquire the ability to integrate & solve problems in practical scenarios on Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS). It also assists the reader in deciding the appropriate accounting treatment and formulation of suitable accounting policies
  • While preparing and presenting the financial statements, this book helps in the ability to recognize and apply disclosure requirements specified in Ind AS
  • Acquiring/developing the skill to prepare financial statements of group entities based on Ind AS
  • Develop an understanding of the various forms of reporting (other than financial statements) and accounting for special transactions, and apply such knowledge in problem-solving

The Present Publication is the 5th?Edition amended by the Companies (Ind AS) Amendment Rules for CA-Final | New Syllabus, authored by CA Parveen Sharma & CA Kapileshwar Bhalla, with the following noteworthy features:

  • As per?the revised syllabus announced by ICAI
  • Coverage of this book includes:
    • Financial Instruments?(Ind AS 32, 109 & 107)
    • Revenue?(Ind AS 115)
    • Leases (Ind AS 116)
    • Business Combination (Ind AS 103)
    • Consolidation (Ind AS 110,111,28 & 27)
    • Solved Papers with Guideline Answers:


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