Essentials in Computer Application ICSE class X by Madhavi L Bharatam and Sukhjinder Kaur Edition 2022


1. Revision of Class IX Syllabus 1-48
1.2 Elementary Concept of Objects and Classes
1.3. Values and Data types
1.4 Operators in Java
1.5 Input in Java
1.6 Mathematical Library Methods
1.7 Conditional constructs in Java
1.8 Iterative constructs in Java
1.9 Nested for loops
2. Class as the basis of all computation 49-56
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Objects and Classes
2.3 Member variables / attributes / features
2.4 Member methods / operations / methods / messages
2.5 Primitive data types and composite data types
3. User-defined Methods
4. Constructors 91-105
5. Library classes 106-119
6. Encapsulation 120-134
7. Arrays 135-182
8. String handling 183-222
* Projects 223
* References 227
* ICSE 2023 Examination Specimen Question Paper 228

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The young generation requires knowledge of modern technology and communication skills. They should
be proficient in their mother tongue, one national language, one foreign language, and also have proficiency
in one of the computer languages. To communicate with modern technology, computer language is very
useful. Among the various computer languages, Java stands out in terms of its ease, platform independence,
universal appeal, and wide variety of applications. Almost all modern technologies, including operating
systems, software, and hardware, are dependent on the Java language. The applications created using the
Java language can run on any type of operating system and on any type of computer system. For this
reason, Java is being learnt by students across the world. Almost all senior high school students as well as
all college students are being exposed to the Java language across the world. However, there are only a few
books available for teaching the language to school students. The ICSE Board has included this language
as one of the optional subjects for senior high school students as “Computer Applications” which includes
Java language. The majority of books on the market are geared toward engineering college students rather
than the general students or beginners. This book is written specially to cater to the needs of students in the
age group of 14 to 20. It covers all the introductory aspects of the Java language. To teach various concepts
of the Java language, the BlueJ environment has been chosen in this book. There are eight chapters in the
book that discuss the advanced concepts of the Java language.
The first chapter revises the class IX syllabus. The second chapter emphasizes the usage of classes and
objects in Java, as it is an object-oriented programming language. The third chapter focuses on making the
program modular in order to improve readability and memory utilization. The fourth chapter explains the
creation of objects and calling constructors. The fifth chapter talks about important library classes such as
Character and Integer wrapper classes. The sixth chapter deals with Encapsulation and access modifiers.
The seventh chapter discusses the concept of arrays, a collection of data, that reduces the programming
effort. The last chapter deals with string handling, a very important concept in any language.
There are several solved example programs incorporated in the book while explaining the concepts. Several
practice exercises are included offering the students an opportunity to develop logic to create programs
on their own and grasp the concepts. Several examples are chosen from Mathematics and Science which
students learn during the Junior and Senior high school period. For the verification purpose, the key to all
the practice exercises has been given in a CD or online access to the CD.
This book is written after gaining extensive experience in teaching to classes 8-12 according to ICSE
syllabus in Yadavindra Public School, Mohali as well as with an experience of teaching at NIIT Amritsar
for over 5 years. Knowledge gained from University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA was also found
very useful.

Madhavi L. Bharatam
Sukhjinder Kaur


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