A text book of Fundamentals of Plant Breeding by Dr Suresh Chandra Panwar

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A text book of Fundamentals of Plant Breeding by Dr Suresh Chandra Panwar

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Chapter-1 History of Plant Breeding
Chapter-2 Classification of Plants
Chapter-3 Life Cycle of an Angiospermic Plant & Fertilization Process; Mega-sporogenesis And Micro-sporogenesis
Chapter-4 Floral Biology of an Angiospermic Flower
Chapter-5 Floral Morphology, Selfing, Emasculation & Pollination Techniques in Cereals, Millets, Pulses, Oil Seed, Fibre Crops & Plantation Crops
Chapter-6 Aims and Objectives of Plant Breeding, Significance of Plant Breeding, and Relation of Genetics with Plant Breeding
Chapter-7 Modes of Reproduction in Crop Plants
i. Asexual reproduction
ii. Sexual reproduction
iii. Significance of pollination in plant breeding
Chapter-8 Self – Incompatibility and its Utilization in Crop Improvement or Plant Breeding
i. Gametophytic self-incompatibility system
ii. Sporophytic self-incompatibility system
iii. Utilization of self-incompatibility in crop improvement
Chapter-9 Male-Sterility in Crop Plants and its utilization
i. Genetic male sterility
ii. Cytoplasmic male sterility
iii. Cytoplasmic genetic male sterility
iv. Male sterility utilization in crop improvement
Chapter-10 Heritability and Genetic Advance
Chapter-11 Methods of Plant Breeding
Chapter-12 Plant Introduction and Acclimatization
i. Centres of origin
ii. Utilization of plant introduction
iii. Gene banks
Chapter-13 Selection method of Plant Breeding
i. Mass selection
ii. Hardy-Winberg law
iii. Pureline selection
vi. Inbred line selection or inbred line production
Chapter-14 Hybridization and Handling of Segregating Generations or segregation population
i. Pedigree method of breeding
ii. Mass pedigree method
iii. Bulk method of breeding
iv. Single seed descent method (SSD Method)
v. Back cross method of breeding
Chapter-15 Hybridization and Other Methods of Breeding
i. Top cross
ii. Test cross
iii. Biparental mating
iv. Eare to row selection
x. Multiline breeding
v. Diallel Cross Methods of Breeding
vi. Line X Tester Cross Method
vii. Poly Cross Method of Breeding
Chapter-16 Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression
i. Theories or causes of heterosis
ii. Estimation of heterosis
iii. Inbreeding depression
Chapter-17 Development of Inbred lines and use or Exploitation of Hybrid Vigour or Heterosis
i. Inbred lines
ii. Hybrids
iii. Types of Hybrids
Chapter-18 Qualitative and Quantitative Breeding And Introduction to Ideotype Breeding
Chapter-19 Population Improvement Programme
i. Synthetic variety
ii. Composite variety
iii. Recurrent selection, simple recurrent selection, reciprocal recurrent selection
Chapter-20 Clonal Selection
Chapter-21 Mutation Breeding
i. Mutagens
ii. Practical Achievements
Chapter-22 Polyploidy in Plant Breeding
i. Euploids
ii. Aneuploids
iii. Brassica triangle
Chapter-23 Wide Hybridization and its Significance in Crop Improvement: Some Important Achievements in plant breeding
i. Techniques of production of Wide Hybridization
ii. Important Advancements in Plant Breeding
Chapter-24 Transgenic Breeding, Uses of biotechnology in plant breeding
i. Uses of bio-technology in plant breeding
ii. Some facts about GM crops
Chapter-25 Procedure for Release of a Variety
Chapter-26 Intellectual Property Rights
i. Plants Breeders Rights
ii. Farmers’ Rights
Annexure-I List of different crops on the basis of pollination behaviour
Annexure-II Multiple Choice Questions Answer Sheet
Annexure-III Model Papers Key References
Annexure-IV Agricultural Universities in India
Annexure-V I.C.A.R. Research Institutes in India

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